About the Game Inventors

As a teen in the 90’s, you’d usually find yourself outside playing backyard games. Most weekends were spent at grandmas competing against family and friends, making memories that would eventually lead to the inspiration for a new game.

Over 20 years later, the inventor of CORNERS, found himself outdoors on a summer evening in upstate New York, stuck at work, with sounds of laughter and excitement in the distance, leading to a rush of memories playing games at grandmas coming flooding back to life!

At that moment, Eric, the creator of CORNERS, decided he was going to invent a new game that would continue to bring fun and excitement to families for years to come.

Since that night, it has been his mission to bring CORNERS to market for all to enjoy and make lasting memories of playing with friends and family.

After countless prototypes, endless patent writing, a successful Kickstarter campaign, and unrelenting determination, Eric has finally been able to share his idea for a new game with the world!

“If CORNERS can bring excitement and fun to people while spending time with family and friends, I’ve achieved my goal!” – Eric Parmeter


Get ready for a game like no other! CORNERS is the ultimate fun challenge! Score big by ringing three pegs in a row or go for the gold by ringing all four corner pegs for an instant win! It's a whole new level of excitement.